Divorce / Separation

Ending a marriage can be a painful, complicated and intimidating prospect. If you believe that you are about to go through a divorce, waiting to obtain legal representation gives away critical time which decreases the ability of an attorney to effectively litigate your case, and may significantly drive up the costs of your litigation in the long run.   Ending a marriage creates many complicated issues, as one household is separated into two. The fair and equitable division of the assets and debts which accumulate during a marriage is not an easy task. When there are children, the issues of child custody and companionship also must come into play. Retirement assets which accumulated during the marriage must be identified and divided.  Courts require a full disclosure of all relevant information.  What format protects you the most, a Legal Separation, Dissolution, or Divorce?

Legal representation in divorce is not inexpensive. However, if you go to Court acting as your own (untrained) legal counsel, remember that the Court and its personnel are judicial officers– obligated to hear the case — they cannot assist you in filling out forms, or advise you, because then they would be acting as your Attorney–which disqualifies them from hearing the case. The Courts will allow you to be your own attorney — that is your right.  You become a “pro se (self representing) litigant”.  But, if you do something that is bad for your legal interests — the Court will not stop you. They can only hear the case which you present.  If you leave some issue out, or do something that you didn’t intend to do, because you worded something wrong– you don’t get to “fix” it later. If you make some expensive mistake — and find it months or years later — you will probably be stuck with it.  That’s why you need to hire an experienced lawyer when you enter Domestic Relations Court.  ( Hey- Don’t  walk into a gunfight with a slingshot! )

Attorney Curt P. Bogen is a highly experienced Domestic Court practitioner, who can guide you through the difficulties of a Legal Separation, Dissolution or Divorce.  Don’t go through this difficult time without getting the legal help you need. Call for a consultation at (330) 652-4529.

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