When you get pulled over for a DUI (Driving Under The Influence) driving offense, also called an OMVI (Operating A Motor Vehicle Under Impairment), there are multiple issues which must be addressed in a short time.  Gathering and assessing evidence is crucial.  Objections and Motions to Suppress Evidence must be filed in a timely fashion, or the right to do so is waived.  Will a recommendation obtained in treatment help in your individual case? Assessing these and other factors must be done quickly, and by experienced Legal Counsel. You need help. Without it, the only possible outcome is a bad one. The State has a Prosecutor. Who do you have? A Public Defender is often overloaded with cases, and may not even be able to meet with you until the day of Court.

A DUI can threaten your job, your income, and the financial well-being of yourself and your family.  A DUI / OMVI is a serious matter, with the potential imposition by the Court of heavy fines, administrative expenses through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, a lengthy license suspension and even jail time.  Your automobile insurance can skyrocket.  If you have a Commercial Driver’s License, what are your options?  You need a lawyer, and you need a good one.  Fast.

If you have received a DUS (Driving Under Suspension), experienced legal counsel can quickly determine what needs to be done to prevent further damage.  Have you lost your license? Driving while looking over your shoulder every day? Don’t dig the hole any deeper. If you get caught, there are mandatory jail times and fines.

Attorney Curt P. Bogen is an experienced advocate, with years of experience as both a defense lawyer and as an acting prosecutor, and knows the ever-changing DUI / OMVI / DUS laws for the State of Ohio. Call him for a Consultation at (330) 652-4529.

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