Domestic Violence

For Domestic Violence Victims

In cases of Domestic Violence, it is essential to obtain Orders protecting legitimate victims from further abuse. Many cases of Domestic Abuse have a lengthy history, but often little documentation in the Courts, making the establishment of facts and evidence difficult.  Gathering of documents and witness testimony in a timely fashion is critical to a successful outcome, and the ability of skilled Legal Counsel to sift through and introduce relevant testimony and avoid inadmissible items is essential.

Available forms of relief for Victims of Domestic Violence include Civil Protection Orders (CPO’s) awarded through the Domestic Relations Division of the Court of Common Pleas, and Temporary Protection Orders (TPO’s) awarded through the local Municipal Court in the jurisdiction where the conduct occurred.  If a pattern of stalking exists, Anti- Stalking Orders may be also sought through the Court Of Common Pleas General Division.  Each Order requires not only an initial filing, but also, an active showing of proof thereafter at trial.

For Individuals Falsely Accused

Unfortunately, some filings made under the existing laws are filed in bad faith. In a limited number of cases, some parties assert false accusations.  Often, these are made in an attempt to gain procedural advantage in a pending divorce or custody battle.  In such cases, evidence needs to be gathered and a strong defense needs to be asserted to prevent unfair advantage based upon false allegations or bad faith pleadings.

Attorney Curt P. Bogen is an experienced litigator in cases of Domestic Violence, advocating for both Victims of Domestic Violence and those falsely accused.  Call him for a Consultation at (330) 652-4529.

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